About Me

Hello, I'm Nikki and I am the calligrapher and creative entrepreneur behind Lavender and Sea. I've always had a knack for most things artistic and when my friend invited me over to have a glass of wine and try calligraphy, I was overjoyed to learn a new skill. Fast forward to today and here I am... feeling so blessed to do something I love so much.

A few more things about me .......

- I LOVE coffee (probably no surprise there)

-  I watch at least one episode of The Office almost every single day. It's my go-to show to have in the background while I work. Michael is just so funny... I can't resist.

- Being outside in the wilderness feeds my soul.

- Early Mornings are my jam - I love the light, the quiet, the calm, the smell of coffee brewing... It all makes for a great start to a day.

- I put hot sauce on everything. Green Tabasco is my favorite. 

- I'm a Newlywed! My hubby and I got married in June 2017. I know the struggles (and rewards) of planning a wedding!


Behind the Name... Lavender and Sea

I chose to name my company Lavender and Sea because of my affinity for both. Lavender is soothing and has a beautiful fragrance, in fact I use Lavender oil every night before I go to bed. I even have a dried bunch I keep in my office! Sea, because... who doesn't love the sea?! I live in San Diego and the ocean is part of your soul here. Plus, the curls and dips of calligraphy remind me of the rhythm of the sea.