Envelope Addressing: What's All The Hype About?


Hand calligraphed envelopes are all the rage right now… but did you know that it’s actually not a new phenomenon? Having envelopes addressed in calligraphy for special occasions, weddings and holidays has been around for quit a long time. Calligraphy itself can be traced back to as early as 800 B.C., it’s considered an ancient art and one that has been revered by many for centuries. Of course, the establishment of the postal service changed things considerably as now people could address envelopes and mail them to loved ones. What better way to make an envelope appear extra special than to adorn it with calligraphy?

hands and calligraphy.jpg

And here we are today in our modern world, but still trying to hold on to some of the nostalgia of the “olden days” dreaming of simpler times where things seemed much more personal and less… canned (read: printed). This is one of the reasons I love envelope calligraphy SO MUCH! It makes the person at the receiving end feel so special, and it takes them back to simpler times where people took their time to create something from scratch.

envelopes for blog.jpg

Being a calligrapher in San Diego, California where millions of weddings happen each year, I can tell you that each one of my clients who choose to do envelope calligraphy on their wedding invitations are so happy that they did! I hear countless times how many compliments they have received on their invitations and how it made their guests feel very special. The wedding invitation is usually the very first glimpse of the wedding that your guests will receive, make a statement and give them just a little taste of how awesome of a party it will be!


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