Day Of Details

I have a confession to make, when I was new in my business I had no idea that the items I was creating were categorized as “Day of Details”… I didn’t know there was a name for place cards, welcome signs, and all those little details that show up on the wedding day. Thanks to a fellow calligrapher I now know that those items can all be categorized as Day of Details!

Why are Day Of Details important?


Details matter when it comes to your wedding! The little things add up and you want to have an event that is beautiful and consistent. Having a calligrapher create your day of details gives your wedding an added beauty boost!

What items are considered to be Day of Details?

Unicorn Watercolored Menu

Day of Details include any signage you are going to use for the day of your wedding, those might be Welcome signs, Bar menus, Food Menus, Guestbook signage and seating charts. There are also paper Day of Details such as place cards or escort cards, menus and perhaps little tags for your wedding favors. If you want calligraphy at your wedding, it’s a good idea to keep that calligraphy consistent across all areas and the way to do that is by hiring a calligrapher.

When should I start thinking about Day Of Details?

Unique wedding place cards
Agate place cards

Once you’ve booked your major vendors (Venue, Photographer, Florist, DJ) it’s time to start thinking about the details. Most likely your Day Of Detail’s vendor (aka calligrapher) will start working on your items 2-4 weeks before your wedding day. However, I suggest contacting them earlier than that, as many popular calligraphers book up 6-9 months in advance. Even if you aren’t quite sure about everything you need, if you know you’ll need place cards and a welcome sign, it’s better to book your calligrapher now and then add things on later. I very frequently have couples who book me with the standard place cards and seating chart and then come to realize that they also need/want a bar menu and paper menus at each place setting. I am happy to add on these items for them, since I have already reserved time for them in my schedule it’s an easy addition :)

Cavin Elizabeth Photography - Hastings Wedding 06-2 168.jpg

Day of Details can be so fun, and you can get really creative with them. Let your imagination run wild, and get your calligrapher involved! I love it when couples want to hear creative ideas for seating charts, place cards etc… from me. It’s a fun way to collaborate with my clients and make their Day of Details unique to them!