TRENDING: My Favorite Podcasts

I recently have been ALL ABOUT the podcast world. In fact, I’m in talks with one of my close friends about starting our own! But since wedding season is gearing up, I doubt that is going to happen until the end of the year ha! So today I wanted to share some podcasts that I am absolutely loving and I hope you love them too!

For Fellow Calligraphers and Artists



This one has got me excited every Tuesday, which is when they drop new episodes! Cami and Elisabeth drop all sorts of knowledge on running your own calligraphy and stationery business. I have learned so much from them in the 17 episodes they have had. I highly recommend tuning in if you are a Calligrapher or custom invitation designer. 

For Those Wanting to Up Their Pinterest Game



I found this one by simply typing in “Pinterest” into my Podcast App. I have been wanting to up my Pinterest game and this podcast has helped me to do just that! Kate gives simple, actionable advice in expanding your Pinterest reach. Major hint…. You need Pinterest to help you rank in Google so I wouldn’t miss this one.

For Entrepreneurs 



I just love Katie Saffert! She is so honest, so real and just an all around gem of a person. She gives real life stories of her struggle to make her passion a full time gig. Katie provides helpful insight to help you jump with both feet first into the life of your dreams! Another great thing about Katie, is  her passion for creating community - so if you are local in The San Diego area, try to attend one of her events, I promise it won’t disappoint! Whether you are searching for where to start following your dreams, or are already fully entrenched in your side hustle, Coffee + Conversation will meet you where you are at.

For Business Owners

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 11.44.14 AM.png

Let’s Be Honest… About Business

I give major props to Morgan for starting this podcast, although she is a photographer (and I’m a calligrapher/artist) I really found her podcast to be engaging and helpful. Morgan opens up about the mistakes she has made and how she has used them to benefit her business. In fact, she starts each podcast with “being honest” about something that may not have gone as planned that week. Give it a listen and I’m sure you’ll give yourself a little more grace in the “mistakes” department. Because let’s be honest…. Business is hard!

What’s your favorite Podcast? I’d love to add more to my list. Comment below!