WEDDING PLANNING: 10 Ideas for your Wedding Place Cards

With San Diego being one of the most popular wedding destinations, I have seen my fair share of amazing place cards come across my desk. Today I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites along with some pictures to get the wheels turning for you when planning your own wedding.

Let’s start with the basics, paper place cards. The initial thought for most people is “BORING” but let me tell you, paper place cards don’t have to be boring! Even a basic card stock place card with gorgeous hand lettered calligraphy makes a statement. But there are other ways to use paper! Below are a few pictures of place cards I have created using calligraphy.

Torn Edge Paper With Copper Brush Calligraphy

Photo by  Shelly Anderson

Paper Scroll Place Cards

Photo by  Shelly Anderson

Paper place cards don’t have to be boring, am I right?!

Photo By  Martha Pimentel

When you see a white place card with black ink you might think it’s not that exciting, but for this wedding it was actually perfect because the couple used big bright blooms on their table. With so much going on on this table, it was the right added touch to have a simple, but elegant place card.

Cigar Place Cards


In hindsight, I wouldn’t have written directly on the cigars but I would have placed little sleeves over them. But what a neat idea for a Havanna styled wedding?

Agate Place Cards

Photo By  Kayla Denae

Photo By Kayla Denae

Agate or Geode place cards have become so popular in the last few years. Calligraphers can easily write names on these beauties and they make such a statement either on top of or next to their plates. Added bonus, they can double as guest favors.

TIP: If you are wanting to give these away as guest favors, ask your calligrapher to use either a permanent pen or spray a top coat over the agate. I always do this for all my agate orders, as I know most of them are going to a new home and need to be permanent.

Tile Place Cards


These tile place cards were perhaps one of my favorite orders to work on, the reason being is that they had sentimental value. The bride and her father (who was a Potter) hand made the tiles and then had me write on them. What a unique item to have at your wedding!

Terra Cotta Place Cards

Photo By Saidy Mena Photos

Photo By Saidy Mena Photos

I am LOVING this new trend with Terra Cotta place cards. The Terra Cotta is hand broken (by me… it’s pretty fun actually I get to hammer away at plates) and then written on with calligraphy. If you are having a Spanish or Mediterranean style wedding I highly recommend considering these adorable Terrra Cotta placecards.

Fruit Place Cards

Photo By  Kayla Denae

Photo By Kayla Denae

Using fruit as place cards is another fun idea. In order not to waste all these gorgeous (and delicious) persimmons, I used a water based pen. Guests could take their persimmons home and eat them since the skin is thick enough to not allow the ink to penetrate. Some other ones I have seen are lemons and apples, for the apples we used little tags attached to the stems :)

Having a wedding by the sea? Then sea glass place cards are a great option! Plus they also double as guest favors!

Acrylic Hexagon Place Cards


I LOVE writing on these, they are so smooth and bring such a fun element to the table. They come in different shapes and sizes… round, hexagon, rectangle. Add a little calligraphy and they are sure to impress your guests!