Wedding Flowers: Why Do They Cost What They Do?

Often times I hear people say "Why are wedding flowers so expensive"... and to be honest, I had the same thought when I was planning my own wedding. However, now that I work in the wedding industry, I know how much time and effort goes into floral design and how much flowers cost! The price of flowers alone is crazy, and if you want something that is out of season, say hello to lots of extra money added to your order! In today’s blog, I asked Kiira from Fox And Flora (I can’t get enough of her work, it’s out of this world beautiful) to fill us in on the cost and work associated with Wedding Flowers! Take it away Kiira!!!

Kiira Explains Why Florals Cost What They Do

This is such a good question. There is a lot of unawareness when it comes to pricing in this industry. I can’t count the number of times I’ve come across blogs saying that florists jack prices up the minute they hear it is for a wedding, which makes me so sad because most florists are incredibly generous people who put their heart and soul into their work. 

The truth is that flowers are an expensive commodity – they are very fragile and pass through a lot of hands before they even make it to your florists’ studio and on to your event. To start with, they are a difficult and labor intensive crop to grow, harvest, and condition (shout out to all the amazing flower farmers out there). Next they need to be shipped (usually overnighted) with cold packets or in a cold truck to preserve them. If you’ve ever shipped overnight cold freight you know it’s not cheap. Once the flowers arrive at the wholesaler, then your local florist can purchase them, lug them home in buckets, and spend hours to days processing them (stripping leaves, dead blooms, thorns, etc). Then comes the arranging – this is one of the most fun parts, but it’s very labor intensive. A team of florists busily turns raw flowers into the detailed arrangements, installations, and bouquets that will adorn your event. Last, but definitely not least, is the transportation to the event. This is where we make sure the beautiful flower creations are moved and setup without getting smashed, bent, broken, or too hot. So long story short, lots and lots of time and lots of hands were needed to get those pretty blooms to your event. 

It is also important to recognize the time your florist spends on tasks well in advance of the big day: design, sourcing, and purchasing. We spend hours and hours customizing the design for your event and working with our wholesalers to order the best flowers to bring your floral vision to life. Flowers are a seasonal crop so sourcing isn’t always as straightforward as you might think. 

My final note on pricing is to just be honest with your florist about your budget and your priorities. A good florist will be respectful of your budget and tell you what is and isn’t feasible within that price range. Try to remember that this is our livelihood. While no one ever means to be, it’s disrespectful to try and negotiate down pricing. It would be like ordering a meal, but then asking the waiter if you can pay less for it. We all have budgets, and your florist will work with you to make something both beautiful and special.  

Photo By Pearl Photography by Elena

Photo By Pearl Photography by Elena

Thank you so much to Kiira for sharing her expertise on this topic. I hope this blog helped to shed some light on the cost of florals and the amount of work that goes into floral design.

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