Do you offer rentals?

I have a small list of rentals that I offer, they can be viewed on my website here . I do work with a few rental companies that offer things like mirrors, windows etc…. and if you rent from them you can hire me to work on their items.

Can I send you inspiration photos?

Yes of course! I love to see what you’ve been dreaming up for your wedding or event. It’s also helpful when my clients send me Pinterest boards or mood boards (if they are wedding planning) so I can get an idea of the aesthetic they are envisioning for their event. However these photos are for inspiration only and I will not be able to duplicate another artist’s work. For example, if you send me a photo of an invitation suite and want me to create an exact replica, I will have to decline. The reason being is that it is legally (and morally) wrong to copy another artist’s work. But I’m sure we can come up with something just as beautiful and extra unique to you!

Do you create items for events other than weddings?

Absolutely! I have created items for bridal showers, baby showers, bachelorettes, birthdays, corporate events, restaurants/bars and even home decor! If you’ve got something you’ve been wanting reach out to me and I can let you know if it’s a possibility.

How far out should I book you?

I encourage clients to book me 6 months in advance. However I do have people book me a month in advance (or even 2 weeks) but you run this risk of me being booked up and unable to accommodate your request. So to be safe, stick with 6 months :)

How Much Do You Cost?

Where are you located?

Almost all of my clients require a customized quote because each order is typically unique to the couple. However, to give you a general idea of pricing you can view my pricing here.

Typically couples spend between $400 - $3,000 with me.

I’m located in sunny San Diego (North county San Diego to be more specific). I work with clients from downtown San Diego to Temecula and even Los Angeles. I am also able to ship smaller orders (invitation suites, place cards, small signage) as well even if you aren’t located near me. The only items I don’t offer to people outside of the above areas are my rentals.